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The Future Eaters: Metaphors and Aphorisms

as Environmental Teaching Tools

John Cairns, Jr.


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Forward - Charles Jervis iii-iv
Preface - John Cairns, Jr. v
Table of Contents vi-vii
  The Future Eaters 1-5
  The Tyranny of Tipping Points 6
  Cast Changes on the Ecological Stage of Earth's Evolutionary Theater 7-10
  Phantom Lands and Ghost Slaves: Humankinds Addiction to Fossil Fuel 11-20
  Global Tower of Babel 21-22
  Human Alteration of Evolutionary Processes 23-26
  Compassion, Catastrophe, and Change 27-31
  Surprise, Surprise, Heat Melts Ice 32-34
  Lifeboat Ethics: To Sink or Not to Sink 35-39
  Creating an Alien Planet 40-44
  Decalogue for a Planet in Imminent Peril 45
  The End of the Cornucopian Delusion 46-52
  The Numbers of Forever 53-55
  Voluntary Income Tax, Voluntary Speed Limits 56-59
  Wear It Out, Use It Up, Make It Do, Do Without 60-66
  Mother Nature Does Not Bargain or Forgive 67-73
  The Mother of All Positive Feedback Loops 74-76
  Just Give Me a Freeze-Dried Talking Fish on a Stick 77
  "Hail Mary" Technologies to Engineer Earth's Climate 78-81
  Ecological Overshoot is Suicidal 82
  The End of Abundance: Will It Bring Resource Wars or Sharing? 83
  Let's Talk About the Elephant in the Living Room 84
  How Much Space on Earth Should Be Allocated to the Biospheric Life Support System? 85-86
  The Intellectual Electric Fence 87-89
  Adapting to the New Biosphere 90-91
  Your Personal Responsibility for Earth 92-93
  Conditions for Crew Membership on Spaceship Earth 94-95
  The Midas Touch in the 21st Century 96
  Humankind's Faustian "Pact" with Fossil Fuels 97-98
  The 21st Century Fountain of Youth 99
  Putting the Cart Before the Horse 100-101
  21st Century Cassandras in an Era of Climate Change Denial 102
  "The Gift of the Magi": A Metaphor for Slashing Living Standards in the 21st Century 103-104
  Globalization or Perish 105
  The Country Mouse and the City Mouse 106
  The Bee Hive: Controlling Environmental Temperature with No Brains 107
  Lessons from Avoiding Overpopulation: "Primitive" Polynesians 108
  Life is Uncertain: Get Used to It 109
  Fisherman and His Wife: More Does Not Make You Happy 110
  Better the Devil You Know Than the Devil You Don't 111-112
    'Tis the Gift to be Simple 113-114
    A Stitch in Time Saves Nine 115-116
    We Never Know the Worth of Water Til the Well is Dry 117-118
    England and America are Two Countries Separated by a Common Language 119-120
    Prevention is Better Than Cure 121-122
    The Frog Does Not Drink Up the Pond in Which It Lives 123-124
    The Iron Law of Climate Policy 125-126
    All the World's a Stage .... 127-129
    The Environment is Nice as Long as It's Free 130-131
    Exit the Cornucopian Era: Enter the Era of Scarcity 132-133
    The Apple Never Falls Far From the Tree 134
    Living with Respect for the Biosphere 135-136
    Frugal Living: Do We Have a Choice? 137-138
    Searching for Truth Where You Live 139-140
    Surviving Nature's Dark Side 141-143
    Should I Become a Scientist? 144-146
    You Can't Stop Progress! 147-149
    "See You Later Alligator. After a While Crocodile" 150-151
    The Vision Thing 152-154
    Tough Decision vs Denial 155-157
    The Monkey Trap 158
    The Peril of Replacing Science with Ideology 159-161
    The Consequences of Global Human Dominance 162-164
    King Canute and the Universal Laws of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology 165
    Why Humankind is Not Living Sustainably 166-167
    Compassion vs Resource Scarcity 168-170
    The Greatest Experiment in Human History: Why is it Being Ignored? 171-172

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